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Putting clients first

We are one of Canada's largest independent and privately held discretionary investment managers, with over 25 years of experience.

Clients trust us to use our innovative investment platform to help them achieve their unique financial goals, while providing exemplary service.


Why clients choose CC&L Private Capital

Discover in this short video why more and more clients trust us to drive the financial outcomes they are looking for, as we steward their wealth with confidence. Click on the video above to start watching.

Q4 2023 Insights post


CC&L Private Capital’s second-quarter financial market report and outlook

After a strong start to the year, global equities continued to move higher this quarter.


Client stories

Understanding my entrepreneurial mindset

We helped Paul by being as progressive with investments as he’d been with his career.

Read Paul's story

Client stories

Working with someone for the whole journey

We helped Elaine by earning her trust and establishing a long term relationship. 

Read Elaine's story

Client stories

Getting a handle on my financial future

We helped Jasmine by giving her the confidence that she was making the right choices for her financial future.

Read Jasmine's story

Client stories

It was hard to earn so we don’t want to lose it

We helped Karen and Andrew by preserving and protecting their hard-earned wealth.

Read Karen and Andrew's story

Client stories

Making investment decisions on behalf of the foundation

We supported Douglas by bringing our broad experience to his foundation’s decision making.

Read Douglas' story

Advisor story

Helping to grow my practice

We partnered with Carl to assist the growth in his high net worth business with our broad investment platform and service offering.

Read Carl's story

Client stories

Pre-experiencing our future wealth

We helped John and James by helping them understand how much excess capital they might have for philanthropy in retirement.

Read John and James' story

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