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john and james' STORY

John and James are in their mid-50s and have been a couple for over 20 years. John is a senior executive with a national retailer, and James is a surgeon at a busy city-centre hospital. Both work long hours, focusing on saving and building their wealth for their shared future. In addition to supporting themselves in retirement, James plans to give some capital to charities close to his heart, while John wants to gift some of his money to close family members. Their priority is growing their wealth over the next 10-15 years to drive their retirement income.


Our Wealth Advisors are dedicated to working closely with clients. They know that each client—be they an individual, couple or family—experiences different life circumstances and has individual or shared financial goals. By listening, drawing on their experience and using our in-house expertise, our Wealth Advisors help our clients choose suitable investments for their particular situation.



We spent time with John and James to understand their unique needs fully. Using our bespoke analysis—it incorporates each client’s financial circumstances and goals coupled with our long-term return forecasts—we were able to help the couple pre-experience their future wealth under a variety of market conditions. This enabled them to become comfortable with how much excess capital they might have for philanthropy in retirement. Their focus on growth and tolerance for volatility in their portfolio meant we could offer John and James a wide range of investment opportunities as we worked together to steward their wealth. Our broad, innovative investment platform allowed us to build them a portfolio comprising public and private market assets, including real estate, infrastructure and private loans.

We are ready to help you pre-experience your future wealth and choose suitable investments for your unique situation.

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