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Elaine is a lawyer with her own busy, downtown practice. She always works hard for her clients, many of whom have been with her for years. Now in her mid-50s and recently divorced, Elaine lives at home with her two dogs after her two adult children moved out a few years ago. With one eye on retirement, Elaine wanted to maximize the long-term return on her investments while staying within her risk comfort zone.


Our clients want to work with an investment firm they really trust. We commit to being around for each client’s entire financial journey, because we know that building a trusted relationship can take time. We also understand every client has a different level of risk tolerance, so we take our time to listen and find out what is right for our clients.


We spent the time with Elaine to fully understand her financial objectives and her comfort level with risk – and what risk really meant to her. There for every step of the way, we designed a portfolio of fixed income and equity investments to help meet her long-term goals, and worked towards including alternative investments once she better understood how these asset classes could benefit her over the long term. Elaine was reassured to find out that our dedicated Wealth Advisors have the opportunity to become owners of the firm, tying their success to our clients’ success. 

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