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Managing your money

After carefully listening to understand your needs, together we will meticulously construct an investment portfolio designed to achieve your financial goals. We are an outcome-oriented firm and our long-term return forecasts for each asset class enable us to allocate your capital strategically and maximize expected returns within your tolerance for risk.

We will continually monitor your investment strategy, and implement our ongoing tactical process that aims to further increase returns. You will receive clear and frequent feedback on progress towards your objectives and our continuous dialogue means we will adapt your portfolio to changes in your circumstances.

Managing your money chart - step by step


We listen to you and thoroughly understand your financial needs and long-term goals.

Our asset class forecasts help us determine how best to allocate your capital. The result is a meticulously constructed portfolio designed to achieve your desired outcomes while maximizing expected returns within your tolerance for risk and liquidity.

One of our central tenets of investing is diversification. We implement your tailored investment strategy by building from our pension-calibre platform of traditional and alternative asset classes.


We believe the best outcomes are achieved through specialization and focus. For this reason, independent affiliate teams manage each asset class, adhering to a disciplined investment process. All of our investment teams are part of CC&L Financial Group. This ‘closed architecture’ allows us direct access to money management teams to nimbly adjust client portfolios in response to or in anticipation of market events.

Finally, we implement our ongoing tactical process that aims to increase returns by actively managing your portfolio’s asset allocation. 


Detailed quarterly reports and access to our 24/7 secure website show your portfolio’s performance, fees, asset allocation and transactions.

Most importantly, the ongoing dialogue with your dedicated investment professional will ensure adaptation of your portfolio to changes in your circumstances alongside long-term guidance.