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Paul is in his early 60s. His adult children have left home, with one studying for a post-doctoral degree and another starting out in business. Paul built his wealth over many years working in web design, and he is now an angel investor helping private companies grow and thrive. With his busy lifestyle, Paul wanted an investment counsellor that understood his unique requirements and financial goals.


Many of our clients are focused on maximizing the wealth they have worked hard over the years to build up. Whether supporting their children through university or helping them buy their first home, we know that to make our clients’ money work for them, we have to be as innovative and forward-thinking with investments as our clients have been throughout their careers.


We helped Paul by exploring his long-term financial needs and tailoring his investment portfolio to suit his current and future lifestyle and responsibilities. With a focus on capital appreciation, Paul’s portfolio incorporated alternative asset classes that can increase expected returns while maintaining the same expected volatility. Like Paul, we know we have to evolve and adapt to the changes life throws at us, so we have access to a range of innovative asset classes that we employ to respond nimbly to developments in financial markets and clients’ personal circumstances.

We are ready to help you pre-experience your future wealth and choose suitable investments for your unique situation.

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