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At CC&L Private Capital, we believe that our success as individuals and as a company depends on the health of the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which means that we seek to have a positive impact on society beyond the financial interests of our firm.


Corporate social responsibility

We want to see our colleagues, communities and society flourish, and CC&L Private Capital is embracing these aspirations. We make this commitment because it aligns our corporate values with our personal values, and the actions we take in support of CSR are determined collectively.


Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) are important parts of our continued success, and allows us to harness different perspectives to build better business outcomes. Visit our Careers page to learn more.


Health & wellness

We are committed to supporting the health and wellness of the people who work at CC&L Private Capital and the people in the communities in which we do business.

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Philanthropy & volunteering

We are committed to building strong and vibrant communities by supporting causes that are important to our clients, employees, partners and stakeholders. As part of CC&L Financial Group, we proudly support the CC&L Foundation by donating a portion of our annual profits to its work. Created in 1999, the foundation responds to requests across Canada to fund programs and not-for-profit organizations that promote a better environment, improvements to education, advances in science and medicine, stronger communities and the arts. 

Our commitment not only involves financial support, but also participating and playing significant leadership roles in a number of not-for-profit organizations, foundations and charities.

Latest community news

Help for the holidays

This holiday season we are supporting 59 charitable and non-profit organizations across Canada.

Help for the holidays

In the 2018 holiday season we supported 56 charitable and non-profit organizations across Canada.
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