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Managed and Select Portfolios

The CC&L Managed Portfolio and CC&L Select Portfolios provide investors with a complete, fully diversified investment solution suitable for a variety of risk tolerances. They are structured to meet current and evolving investment management needs.

Drawing upon our institutional heritage in constructing efficient, risk-adjusted investment portfolios, the CC&L Managed Portfolio and CC&L Select Portfolios are diversified across multiple asset classes, industry sectors, investment management teams and geographic regions.

Our asset allocation team routinely monitors each portfolio’s asset mix, making adjustments from time to time to reflect capital market changes, ensuring the portfolios continue to be invested to meet their objectives.

The CC&L Managed Portfolio and CC&L Select Portfolios provide:

  • Management by leading institutional money managers
  • Active asset allocation and rebalancing
  • Regular portfolio monitoring and comprehensive reporting

The CC&L Managed Portfolio is a mutual fund portfolio offered by prospectus and requires a minimum investment of $25,000.

CC&L Select Portfolios are pooled fund portfolios offered by offering memorandum to accredited investors and require a minimum investment of $100,000.

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